Monday, February 27, 2012

Biking Trip 2012?!?

So I got invited by a good friend to go biking for 6 months across North America.. mostly in the USA.  I'm more than excited about the possibility of adventuring around by bike.

The plan (for now) is south through Ontario to Michigan.  West to Montana, south to Utah, east to Colorado.  Possibly south to Texas then west to California.

I've always wanted to travel through the States and also go on a bike tour.  So this trip combines the two.  Now to figure out the food, the accommodations and most importantly the money.  As things progress I'll be sure to post more.  For now, I've been trying on expensive Lululemon bras and dreaming of how sexy my legs will be after 7000 kms of biking!

Excited for the adventures to come :D

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