Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Christmas Eve was destroyed for me this year, as was Christmas day, Boxing Day and the following day... All thanks to my Wisdom Teeth... AGGGHHH

When I was 16 my orthodontist told me to get them out... but I didn't.
Then when I moved to Ottawa my dentist took a "wait and see what happens approach"  which was going well until I couldn't open my mouth on Christmas day (thank you infected, impacted tooth #48)... kinda ruins the happy family turkey meal ideal..

So when I got back here for school, I immediately found an oral surgeon and booked my appointment to get them out.  It all happened pretty quickly, within a week they were out.

I'm actually recovering fairly well.  My surgery was yesterday at 11am and I was able to make it to school today and I'm in almost not pain.  Just my lower right jaw hurts.  But I'm sticking to Advil for now and they are doing me just fine.. . Advil and my trusty friend Mr. Icepack who is glued to my face.  I'm hoping the swelling stays down and that I get a good night's sleep tonight.  Because last night I tossed and turned, it was brutal.

Finances of Wisdom Tooth Removal
When I originally called for the appointment I was quoted $1900 for all four wisdom teeth.  Then, at my consultation I was quoted $1600.  Yesterday, after the surgery was complete, I was only charged $1100.  I don't know if my insurance will cover it.  I sure hope so, but even so I feel like I've already been given $800 back!

Its always nice to be excessively over quoted in situations like this.  Could you imagine if I had been quoted $1100 and it ended up being $1900??  I wouldn't have handled that well at all!  So my credit card took another hit but at least it all went well :D

On the note of my credit card, I figured that getting a basic teaching contract, making 50K/year I can have my debt paid off in 3 years and a sizeable down payment saved in 5 years.  This makes me happy.  Even though this year has been tough when it come to finances, I know I only have to make it through a few more months and then I'll be able chip away at the debt instead of piling even more on it!


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