Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Expenses

Okay WHOA bad month! As you'll see I've produced two charts. The first includes first/last months rent that I had to pay to secure my new apartment, my new MacBook Pro and some miscellaneous medical expenses that will be reimbursed. I have removed these three expenses from the second one (mostly to make myself feel better). I have also combined some categories such as rent and renter's insurance (into Rent) and hydro/cable/cell phone (into Utilities) just to simplify things. I'm pretty excited that I brought in an extra $1000 but I'm also very upset with myself for spending soooooooooooo much over budget.

I realize that my budget breaks the number one golden PF rule... Don't spend more than you make. But as I've said more than once, I was AWARE that this would happen all summer and was able to save $5000 to cover these difficult months. Because of my planning in the winter months, my overages come from my savings account and NOT a credit card. I'm also hoping that my new car insurance rate will kick in SOON and that the problems I've been having with my car are over with (I haven't posted about it but the engine light has be on and off and flashing for the past two months but its off now hopefully for good!!).

My August budget will come out soon and I will also post my September/School budget as well within the coming weeks :D

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  1. To be fair, as good as the "don't spend more than you make," rule is, it doesn't REALLY apply when you're in school, or in the process of going back to school. When I was in university, I spent more than I made every damn month, except in the summers when I (hopefully) made a LOT more money than I spent. In this case, you almost really just have to budget for the year, than the month.