Monday, August 29, 2011

First week budget

So I've created (actually I haven't actually done it yet.. but by the end of the post I will have created) a budget for the first week of school.  My spending after this first week will be much less extravagant but I want to enjoy the first week and meet people.  Unfortunately, meeting people usually comes with eating out and drinking.  Plus there's the expenses that come along with new place.  So here goes!

Groceries: $20 (all that is left for my August challenge)
Eating out: $100
Alcohol: $50
House stuff: $50

Non-required school stuff: $50
Required school stuff: $5000 (books & tuition etc.)

Rent and bills: whatever they cost I will pay. boo. not gonna budget for these though

Gas: $0 (I have half a tank which should be good for the week)
Random things: $20 (bus fare, chocolate bars, new dancing shoes?!)

So there we have it.  I'm not going to add it all up because I don't want to. hahah Horrible reason I know but that's it.

PS. I obviously survived my dinner last night.  Awesome guy (who's married and has an ADORABLE 15 month old daughter).  Definitely made my first teacher's college friend!! Makes me excited to meet others :D

PPS. Anyone interested in the boy I had over for dinner a couple weeks ago... He and I hung out a few more times over my last week in Ottawa.  He's leaving for Europe next week (no return ticket :O).  I'm a little sad that things never really had the chance to develop but he's a great guy and we'll definitely be staying in touch!   As much drama that surrounded the situation, I'm very happy I made the decisions I did to continue seeing him.  Not very many people could have affected my life the way he did so I'm thankful for our friendship :D

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