Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Filling Up

On the 5 hour drive to my new school Saturday we had to stop at the gas station to refuel all three vehicles (yes we drove three vehicles because I didn't know you could rent a car towing thing until AFTER we started driving).

Thanks to a fancy app on my iPhone called Gas Buddy, we got the cheapest gas on the entire route in a little town called Arnprior.  It was 121.9cents/litre (LAME)  But Ottawa and everywhere else was nearing (or over) 130cents/litre.  So we definitely saved money.

The uHaul was still guzzling gas after racking up $110 of gas so my dad cut it off at $120 which ended up perfect as we brought the stupid thing back to the uHaul place at the same gas level I'd picked it up with :D SWEET!

I filled my car up and it cost $50 and my brother filled his car up (with diesel) for $30.

Enter point of this post.  

Do you fill your tank up when you get gas!?

I remember when I was 16, just got my G2 and could drive alone.  I'd run out of gas just as the night was ending, head to the station put in $5 which was just enough to get home.  Leaving my mom to fill the tank up on her way to work the next morning.

Then I was 18 and I bought my first car.  I would regularly put $20 of gas in.  I don't know why.  I usually had enough to fill it up but I don't remember ever putting more than $20 in at a time.

Now I'm 23 and have yet to NOT fill it up.  Sure it costs $50-60 a tank but then I don't have to think of it for a good long while!  I figure that buying gas it part of having a car and while I love the smell of gas stations I don't love standing there holding the stupid pump so I avoid it at all costs.  Also, gas prices are really high, so I've been watching the prices and trying my best to time filling up with the lowest price I can get.

So that's my mentality on filling up.. What's yours?!

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