Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finding my new apartment: Part 3

Sorry I haven't updated you in like a week!

I'm really excited about my new place. I only ended up seeing three places and agreed to rent the second one before seeing the third one haha! But I really really loved it instantly and had seen pictures of the third (and knew I couldn't live without a full kitchen).

It's an attic apartment with an agreement to rent from September 1st - April 30th (I can move in a week early at no cost!! and can stay an extra month if needed) The kitchen is perfect size with a passthru window. There are huge windows in the living room and bathroom. I'm taking a bit of a hit on storage space but that's okay. The bedroom is the best part as it has slanted ceilings and a cool octagon window!! I will definitely post pictures as soon as I can!

Falling in love!

Like I've said multiple times it is ESSENTIAL that you are prepared when you're view apartments. Unfortunately, I forgot my chequebook in Ottawa! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! So I signed an Intent To Rent. Not a legally binding contract but it puts both parties at ease and then mailed cheques for first and last month. I found out that once depositing the cheques for first/last month makes the agreement legally binding, which is nice to know that as soon as they've collected my money I'm 100% sure to have a place. Please don't make my mistake and head over unprepared!

Crunching the numbers

I'm finally able to throw the numbers into my budget officially! Here is my first try at a budget for next year:

Rent: $750 (include utilities, internet and satellite tv but no laundry)
Cell: $80 (I rarely rarely go over and this is an over estimation, my last bill was $70)
Debt Repayment: $225 (minimum payments +10%)
Groceries: $250 (I currently spend $150 but eat half my meals at work so we'll see)
Gas/Insurance/Maintenance: $350 (ohh goodness I don't like these numbers :[ boo..)
RRSPs: $25 (might scratch this if things are too tight)
Eating out/Entertainment/Clothes/Home Decor: $100

Monthly expenses: $1780

This is way too high.. I'm going to have figure out where to cut back without sacrificing having a life and without maxing out my credit cards. Boy oh Boy!

Moving TO DO list

  • Cancel hydro and internet
  • Sort clothes (Keep, donate, throw)
  • Sort kitchenware (keep, donate, throw)
  • Steal boxes from work
  • Start packing
  • Book the u-Haul
  • Change address with banks, insurance, blah blah blah...
  • Address change with Canada Post
  • Appointment @ bank with adviser so she can tell me from a professional p.o.v how f*d I am next year... YAY!
  • Laundry... least excited about this one.. lol

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  1. I can help you pack if you'd like!! I'll supply the wine and we can make a few nights out of it! :)